Запознайте се със Санторини, Гърция - скъпоценен камък сред най-популярните плажове в Европа. Известен със своите спиращи дъха гледки и кристално чисти води, Санторини е задължителна туристическа дестинация за следващата ви почивка или ваканция. Неповторимата красота на острова, белязана от белосани сгради и ярки сини куполи, обещава незабравимо преживяване. Независимо дали търсите приключения или почивка, Санторини предлага всичко. Възползвайте се от възможността да разгледате един от най-зашеметяващите плажове в Европа. Започнете да планирате пътуването си до този живописен рай още днес!

Artis Aquarium in Amsterdam

Artis Aquarium: The Heart of Amsterdam’s Aquatic Wildlife

Welcome to Artis Aquarium, a magical underwater world nestled in the heart of Amsterdam! This is a place where you can explore the mysteries of the deep sea and discover an array of colorful marine life. From the smallest seahorse to the largest shark, every creature has a story to tell.

Artis Aquarium is an adventure into the aquatic world. It’s a place to learn about different species, their habitats, and how they contribute to our planet’s ecosystem. Let’s dive into this exciting journey together and uncover the wonders beneath our oceans’ surface.

Exploring Marine Life at Artis Aquarium

Get ready to meet some of the most exotic fishes at Artis Aquarium. It’s a place where you can see these underwater dwellers’ vibrant colors and unique shapes up close. From the shimmering scales of tropical fish to the quirky features of deep-sea oddities, there’s always something new to discover.

The biodiversity of aquatic species in Artis Aquarium is genuinely astounding. In Artis, you’ll find an underwater world teeming with life. Watch as schools of fish dart around coral reefs, gaze at graceful sea turtles gliding through the water, and marvel at the gentle sway of jellyfish. It’s like a living encyclopedia of our planet’s aquatic species!

Walking Through the Underwater Tunnel at the Artis Aquarium

Walking through the underwater tunnel is one of the most exciting parts of your visit to Artis Aquarium. This magical tunnel enters the heart of a bustling aquatic ecosystem. As you stroll through, you’ll be surrounded by a vibrant world of marine life. 

Look up and see fish swimming overhead, watch as rays glide gracefully above you, and if you’re lucky, catch sight of a shark or two! It’s an immersive experience that makes you feel part of this fantastic underwater world. The underwater tunnel at Artis Aquarium is truly an unforgettable journey into the deep blue sea!

The Thrill of a Night Visit to the Dutch’s Famous Attraction – The Artis Aquarium

A visit to Artis Aquarium is always a thrilling adventure, but did you know it can be even more exciting at night? Artis Aquarium transforms into a magical underwater world when the sun goes down. The lights inside the aquarium cast a beautiful glow on the marine life, creating a serene and mysterious atmosphere.

As you wander through the dimly lit halls, you’ll see nocturnal creatures come to life. Fish that hide during the day become more active, darting around their tanks with renewed energy. It’s like seeing a whole new side of Artis Aquarium!

So if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Amsterdam, take advantage of a night visit to this famous Dutch attraction. It’s a chance to see aquatic wildlife like never before!

When to Visit Artis Aquarium

Artis Aquarium is open all year round, making any time a great visit. However, if you want to avoid crowds, weekdays are usually less busy than weekends. The aquarium opens its doors early in the morning, so arriving first thing can give you a head start on exploring.

Remember that different animals are active at different times of the day. Some creatures are more lively in the morning, while others come alive as the day progresses. And remember the unique thrill of a night visit!

So whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, there’s always something exciting happening at Artis Aquarium. Come and discover this aquatic wonderland in Amsterdam!

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Artis Aquarium

Visiting the Artis Aquarium is a priceless experience filled with learning and discovery. But don’t worry, ticket prices are pretty reasonable! For children aged 3 to 9 years, tickets are priced at €19.95. For those aged 10 and above, tickets cost €24.00.

These prices include access to all exhibits in the aquarium. So you can spend the whole day exploring the underwater world without worrying about extra costs.

Remember, every visit supports the care of the animals and contributes to vital conservation work. So not only do you get a fantastic day out in Amsterdam, but you’re also helping protect our planet’s aquatic wildlife!

What Are the Opening Hours of the Artis Aquarium

Artis Aquarium is ready to welcome visitors seven days a week! The doors open bright and early at 9:00 am, giving you ample time to explore the underwater world. The aquarium closes at 6:00 pm, so plan your day to make the most of your visit.

Exhibits might have different feeding times and activities scheduled throughout the day. It’s a good idea to check out the daily schedule when you arrive.

With its long opening hours, Artis Aquarium offers flexibility for your visit. Whether you’re an early riser or prefer a leisurely afternoon stroll, there’s always something unique to see at this aquatic wonderland!

Where to Stay Near Artis Aquarium

If you plan to visit Artis Aquarium and want to stay nearby, you’re in luck! Amsterdam has a wide range of accommodations to suit all budgets and preferences.

For those seeking luxury, the Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam offers five-star comforts just a short distance from the aquarium. If you prefer something more budget-friendly, consider The Student Hotel Amsterdam City. It provides clean, modern rooms at affordable prices.

Families might enjoy Stayokay Amsterdam Oost, which has family rooms and a relaxed atmosphere. And if you’re looking for something unique, why not try the Houseboat Museum? It’s an actual houseboat turned into a cozy B&B!

So no matter what kind of accommodation you’re looking for, there’s something perfect near Artis Aquarium. Just another reason why visiting this fantastic attraction in Amsterdam is such a great idea!

Tips for a Family Visit to Artis Aquarium

A visit to Artis Aquarium is a fantastic family adventure! Here are some tips to make your stay even more enjoyable:

Plan Your Day: Check the day’s feeding times and special activities. This way, you won’t miss any exciting moments!

Pack Snacks: While food options are available at the aquarium, bringing some snacks and water’s always a good idea, especially for little ones.

Take Breaks: Exploring can be tiring, especially for young kids. Make sure to take breaks and rest.

Dress Comfortably: You’ll walk quite a bit, so wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

Learn Together: Use this opportunity to learn about marine life with your kids. Ask questions and encourage them to do the same.

Have Fun: Most importantly, enjoy your time together as a family exploring the wonders of the underwater world at Artis Aquarium!


Artis Aquarium in Amsterdam
Artis Aquarium in Amsterdam

In conclusion, Artis Aquarium is a must-visit attraction in Amsterdam. Artis is an underwater world full of wonders waiting to be discovered. From the exotic fishes to the thrilling underwater tunnel, every corner of this place is filled with learning and fun.

Artis Aquarium is part of the larger Artis Zoo complex. It is a perfect destination for a day out with family or friends. Whether you’re an animal lover, a budding marine biologist, or just someone looking for a unique experience, Artis Aquarium has something for everyone.

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