Запознайте се със Санторини, Гърция - скъпоценен камък сред най-популярните плажове в Европа. Известен със своите спиращи дъха гледки и кристално чисти води, Санторини е задължителна туристическа дестинация за следващата ви почивка или ваканция. Неповторимата красота на острова, белязана от белосани сгради и ярки сини куполи, обещава незабравимо преживяване. Независимо дали търсите приключения или почивка, Санторини предлага всичко. Възползвайте се от възможността да разгледате един от най-зашеметяващите плажове в Европа. Започнете да планирате пътуването си до този живописен рай още днес!

Devon Tower

Enjoy Views From The Top Of The Devon Tower

Are you looking for an exciting but safe adventure in Oklahoma City? Look no further than the Devon Tower! Standing at 844 feet, the Devon Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Oklahoma City and offers some stunning views. Not only will you enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the city skyline, but you can also learn about the area’s rich history. You can make your way up to the top of the Tower via a glass-fronted elevator in the building’s majestic lobby. Once at the top, you’ll be amazed by the surreal view that awaits you. So if you’re looking for something unique to do while visiting Oklahoma City, take the time to visit the Devon Tower!

Enjoy Views From The Top Of The Devon Tower

Devon Tower
Devon Tower

Experience views of downtown Oklahoma City from the top of the Devon Tower! This iconic 52-story building towers over the skyline and offers spectacular views stretching for miles. From the observation deck, you can get a 360-degree view of all the city’s major attractions, including the State Capitol, Myriad Gardens, and Bricktown. In addition, you can see Moore to the south and Edmond to the north on clear days. 

Discover a different kind of adventure: ascend to the 360-degree observation deck on the 50th floor for an unforgettable experience! During your visit, use the interactive displays to learn about the history and architecture surrounding the Devon Tower. Then, take a few pictures to remember your journey, or participate in one of the weekly night tours, including music, food, and drinks while admiring breathtaking views of downtown Oklahoma City. 

The Devon Tower is a great place to visit with family and friends. It’s suitable for any age so that young explorers can hang out with friends, or adults can have a romantic night. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced traveler, this unique experience will surely be something to remember for years. So book your tickets in advance for a truly extraordinary experience at the top of the Devon Tower!

What Else Can You Do at the Top? 

The Tower also hosts rotating art exhibitions and special events throughout the year, so check the website for up-to-date details.

Cloud Bar

Devon Tower
Devon Tower

When you’re ready to experience the best views in Oklahoma City, head to Cloud Bar, located on top of the Devon Tower! It’s a fantastic spot with stunning panoramic vistas. You can see the bustling city skyline, neighborhoods, and parks that spread out for miles.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or a visitor – we welcome everyone who loves to explore and admire nature’s beauty. Enjoy the delicious food and exquisite drinks as you bask in the glorious atmosphere as the sun sets on the horizon. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the magnificent sights that will amaze you.

On Cloud Bar, you’ll be able to interact with locals and other travelers from all walks of life. We encourage conversations that bridge minds from different cultures and backgrounds, allowing everyone to learn more about each other.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable trip, look no further than Cloud Bar. Let it be the launch pad for inspiring stories and journeys you’ll never forget. So join us, and let us show you what an adventure looks like from the top of the Devon Tower.

Grill Restaurant

Devon Tower
Devon Tower

Ready to enjoy a view like no other? The Grill Restaurant at the top of Devon Tower has you covered. Located on the rooftop of the tallest building in Oklahoma City, this spot is famous for its breathtaking views and fantastic atmosphere.

Take a few minutes to marvel at the downtown skyline, listen to the sounds of the city below, and even catch glimpses of planes flying overhead. Whether planning a romantic evening with your partner or just looking for a place to relax and take in the city’s beauty from above, the Grill Restaurant has something to offer everyone. 

At the Grill Restaurant, you can enjoy delicious dishes crafted by some of the city’s best chefs — all prepared from locally sourced ingredients. Choose from an extensive menu of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, such as pan-seared scallops, chimichurri steak, and strawberry cheesecake. Plus, you’ll find a great selection of wines and spirits to match your meal. 

Any night, you might witness a stunning sunset over the horizon, a brilliant full moon glowing in the night sky, or even a fireworks show bursting across the cityscape. To make sure you capture these special moments, be sure to bring a camera or a telescope!

So join us at the Grill Restaurant for a memorable experience that will bring you back for more. With sweeping views of the Oklahoma City skyline, miles of twinkling streetlights, and unparalleled cuisine, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the city’s wonders — from the top of the Devon Tower.

Exhibitions and Special Events

Devon Tower
Devon Tower

The Devon Tower offers an unforgettable experience for travelers of all ages: stunning views of the city from the top of one of its tallest buildings. From the observation deck, you can take in breathtaking panoramas of downtown Tulsa, extending as far as the horizon. This is the perfect place to take in all Tulsa has to offer – from picturesque sunsets to glittering night-time skyline vistas – the lasting beauty and grandeur of the View From The Top will genuinely take your breath away.     

The Tower is a great place to get breathtaking shots of Tulsa’s Cityscape and is home to many exciting events and exhibitions throughout the year. So whether you’re looking to attend a classical music concert, join a yoga class, learn photography, or soak up some history, there’s always something happening at the Devonshire Tower! Families can enjoy the interactive kid’s shows, including scavenger hunts, arts & crafts, storytelling, and animal shows. Or, explore the rich history of the Tower with one of the guided tours that explain the architecture, the view from the Tower’s observation deck, and other fascinating facts. 

No matter what brings you to the Devon Tower, you will surely be captivated by its awe-inspiring surroundings and magical atmosphere. So book your tickets today and get ready to have an incredible experience!

Be Prepared for Your Visit

Devon Tower
Devon Tower

Are you ready to begin your journey to the top of the Devon Tower? Here’s what you need to know before visiting this impressive landmark in Oklahoma City. 

First, plan your visit ahead of time. The Devon Tower is open seven days a week and has two distinctive levels: the rooftop observatory and the lookout deck below it. Be sure to purchase tickets online or at the entrance.

Second, get ready for the magnificent views. You can experience 360-degree panoramic views of the bustling city from the top of the Tower. On clear days, you can see up to 50 miles away! You’ll be able to take plenty of stunning photos on either level, day and night—so bring a camera.

Third, safety comes first. If you’re coming with kids, accompany them as they explore to ensure their safety. This also applies if you’re mobility-impaired—stairs can only access many areas.

Finally, have fun! Exploring the Devon Tower should be about having an enjoyable experience. Immerse yourself in the incredible culture of Oklahoma City and bask in the beautiful skyline that will stay with you forever.

Make the Most of Your Visit

Make the most of your visit to Devon Tower! Standing 841 feet high, the observation deck at Devon Tower is an excellent way to appreciate views of the cityscape and beyond. The breathtaking panoramic views offer a unique experience to visitors of all ages.

The Tower’s observation deck is open daily from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm. The entry fee is 10 dollars for adults, 5 for children, and free for toddlers. It’s also suitable for families — young kids will have plenty of space to run around. And if you want to take some fantastic photos, there is a dedicated photo spot right by the lift that takes you to the top.

Devon Tower is conveniently located between 7th and 13th Street in downtown Oklahoma City. There is ample parking nearby, so you won’t have problems finding a spot. We suggest you arrive early and stay until after the sun sets to make the most of your visit. As the day winds down, the colors of the city charm and become even more beautiful. 

Don’t forget to bring warm winter clothing if the wind picks up – it can get cold and humid at the top! Make sure to bring your camera or a phone to capture the spectacular view as a memory. Relax, enjoy, and let your worries drift away with the wind. A journey to the top of the Devon Tower is a one-of-a-kind experience filled with captivating sights and soothing fresh air.


Visiting the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City is an experience that you won’t forget. From the top of the Tower, you can see stunning views of the city and beyond, providing a memorable experience for all ages. Exploring all of the things to do in Oklahoma City is an exciting adventure perfect for all levels of travelers. Whether you are seeking an outdoor excursion, a relaxing stroll through the park, or something a little more adventurous, the Devon Tower offers a fantastic way to experience the best of Oklahoma City. So if you’re looking for a fun and unique activity while visiting Oklahoma City, the Devon Tower should be on your list.

How tall is Devon Tower?

Devon Tower is 844 feet tall. 

Where is Devon Tower located? 

Devon Tower is located in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

How many floors does Devon Tower have? 

Devon Tower has 52 floors. 

Is there an observation deck at Devon Tower?

Yes, an observation deck at Devon Tower called Devon Observation Deck is located on the 50th floor and offers a 360-degree view of the Oklahoma City skyline. 

How long does it take to go to the top of Devon Tower? 

It typically takes 40 seconds to reach the top of Devon Tower in the express elevator.

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  1. We are wanting to bring 25 high school and young adult students to OKC and would like to take the elevator in the Devon Tower to the observation deck on Dec 6…we would like to find prices for that and alsofor the ice skating rink.

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