Запознайте се със Санторини, Гърция - скъпоценен камък сред най-популярните плажове в Европа. Известен със своите спиращи дъха гледки и кристално чисти води, Санторини е задължителна туристическа дестинация за следващата ви почивка или ваканция. Неповторимата красота на острова, белязана от белосани сгради и ярки сини куполи, обещава незабравимо преживяване. Независимо дали търсите приключения или почивка, Санторини предлага всичко. Възползвайте се от възможността да разгледате един от най-зашеметяващите плажове в Европа. Започнете да планирате пътуването си до този живописен рай още днес!

Hello, fellow travelers and tourism enthusiasts!

At Have To Sight, we believe every journey is unique, and every traveler has a story. We understand that travel experiences are personal, full of emotions, adventures, new knowledge, and unforgettable moments. That’s why we are excited to announce that we are now accepting submissions from you, our readers!

If you have a story, you can’t wait to be told. If you have unique insights from your travels that you’d like to share with our community of avid readers and travelers, this is your chance.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Personal travel stories: share your unique experiences from around the world. Tell us about what you’ve explored or the local cultures you’ve encountered.
  • Travel tips and guides: If you are an experienced tourist and know how to find the best deals on accommodation or flights, our readers would love to learn this from you.
  • Destination reviews: Have you been to a fantastic place recently? Tell us all about it! Give us your honest opinion about the destinations – what was good or not so ideal for you.
  • Inspirational Content: Inspire other Have To Sight readers with your stories about exotic and not-so-well-known places worldwide. Tell how travel has changed your perspective on life and the world.

Publication guidelines

  • Your post must be original content that has not been published elsewhere.
  • Ideally, the word count should be between 800 and 1500 words.
  • Please include at least one high-quality photo related to your content.
  • Make sure there are no grammatical errors in the post.
  • Include a brief bio and links to your social media profiles/blog (optional).

Please note that all submissions will be reviewed before publishing on our blog. While we appreciate all submissions, due to the high volume, only those selected for publication will be contacted by our team.

We look forward to reading about your exciting adventures! Send in your entries to guestpost@havetosight.com.

Safe travels and happy writing!

The “Have To Sight” Team

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