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Jordaan Amsterdam

Exploring The District Jordaan In Amsterdam

Welcome to our Jordaan Amsterdam: Travel Guide! Nestled in the city’s heart, Jordaan is a vibrant neighborhood full of charm and history. Its picturesque canals, quirky shops, and fantastic eateries make it one of the top Amsterdam attractions. This guide will help you discover all the beautiful things to do in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district. From exploring hidden courtyards to sampling delicious Dutch pancakes, there’s something for everyone in this enchanting corner of Amsterdam. So grab your travel bag and embark on an exciting journey through Jordaan – your ultimate Amsterdam adventure starts here!

Exploring the Charming Jordaan in Amsterdam

The Charming Jordaan in Amsterdam
The Charming Jordaan in Amsterdam

If you plan to visit Jordaan Amsterdam, prepare to be enchanted by its unique charm. This district is one of the most famous in Amsterdam, known for its beautiful canals and historic houses. As you wander the narrow streets, you’ll feel like you’ve returned in time.

The houses of Jordaan Amsterdam are a sight to behold. They’re tall, narrow, and often brightly colored, creating a vibrant and picturesque scene. Many of these houses date back to the 17th century and have been beautifully preserved. Some even have charming little gardens!

Next, explore the canals of Jordaan Amsterdam. These waterways are an iconic part of the city’s landscape. You can take a leisurely stroll along the canal paths or, better yet, hop on a boat tour to see the district from a different perspective.

There’s plenty more to discover in this delightful district. So come on and visit Jordaan Amsterdam – a trip you will remember!

The Rich History Of The Jordaan 

The Jordaan district in Amsterdam is a treasure trove of rich history. Established in the 17th century, it was initially home to working-class citizens and immigrants. As you explore the district, you’ll see remnants of its humble beginnings in the narrow houses and quaint courtyards.

The Jordaan district also played a significant role during World War II. Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who wrote a diary while hiding from the Nazis, lived here. Her house is now a museum that attracts visitors from around the world.

Over time, Jordaan transformed into an artistic hub. Famous Dutch artists like Rembrandt and Vermeer found inspiration in its picturesque streets and canals.

Today, Jordaan is one of Amsterdam’s most sought-after neighborhoods, loved for its mix of history and modern charm. It’s a testament to Amsterdam’s resilience and adaptability through the centuries.

The Architectural Marvels Of The District

The Architectural Marvels Of The Jordaan Amsterdam
The Architectural Marvels Of The Jordaan Amsterdam

The Jordaan district in Amsterdam is a paradise for architecture lovers. The houses of Jordaan Amsterdam are one of its most captivating features. They are tall, narrow, and beautifully decorated with gabled facades, reflecting the architectural style of the Dutch Golden Age. Many of these houses lean forward slightly, making it easier to hoist items into upper floors.

Another architectural marvel in Jordaan is the bridge. The bridges of Jordaan Amsterdam are famous for their charming and intricate designs. Each is unique, but they all offer stunning views over the canals.

One standout structure is the Westerkerk Church, the tallest church in Amsterdam. Its 85-meter tower dominates the skyline and offers breathtaking views over the city.

Visit the Hofjes, hidden courtyards surrounded by almshouses. These were built as charitable housing in the 17th century and provided a peaceful escape from busy city life.

Top Things to Do in Jordaan, Amsterdam

Jordaan, Amsterdam, is a bustling neighborhood with plenty to see and do. Here are some top things to do in Jordaan Amsterdam:

Visit the Anne Frank House: Explore the poignant history of Anne Frank in her former hideout that’s now a museum.

Stroll Along the Canals: The bridges of Jordaan Amsterdam offer stunning views. Take a leisurely walk or enjoy a canal cruise.

Explore the Nine Streets: This shopping district has unique boutiques, vintage shops, and cozy cafes.

Visit Local Museums: The museums of Jordaan Amsterdam are rich in art and history. Take advantage of the Museum of Bags and Purses or the Dutch Costume Museum.

Enjoy Dutch Cuisine: Try traditional dishes like herring, stroopwafel, or Dutch pancakes at local eateries.

Visit Noordermarkt: This bustling market offers everything from fresh produce to antiques.

Explore the Art Galleries: Jordaan has many galleries showcasing local and international artists.

Relax in Hofjes: These hidden courtyards are peaceful retreats from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Remember, this list only scratches the surface! There’s so much more waiting for you in Jordaan, Amsterdam!

Best Places to Visit in the Heart of Jordaan

Jordaan, Amsterdam, is full of hidden gems and must-visit spots. Here are some of the best places to visit in the heart of Jordaan:

Westerkerk Church: One of the most iconic churches of Jordaan Amsterdam, it offers a stunning view of the city from its tower.

Anne Frank House: A deeply moving museum dedicated to the Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank.

Noordermarkt: Visit this lively market for fresh produce, antiques, and local crafts.

The Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes): This area is perfect for shopping at unique boutiques and enjoying a coffee by the canal.

The Jordaan’s Hofjes: These hidden courtyards offer a quiet escape from the busy city streets.

Johnny Jordaanplein: A square dedicated to Jordaan’s most famous singer, Johnny Jordaan.

Elandsgracht: This charming street has shops, cafes, and galleries.

Lindengracht Market: A great place to sample Dutch cheese and other local products every Saturday.

Parks of Jordaan Amsterdam: Enjoy a picnic or a leisurely walk at one of the many parks like Westerpark or Noorderpark.

Prinsengracht Canal: Take a boat ride or stroll along this beautiful canal for unforgettable views.

Remember, each Jordaan corner has its charm, so don’t be afraid to explore!

The Best Restaurants in Jordaan

Foodies rejoice! When it comes to dining, the restaurants of Jordaan Amsterdam offer a delightful mix of traditional Dutch fare and international cuisine. Here are some of the best Jordaan restaurants Amsterdam has to offer:

De Gouden Reael: A classic Dutch brasserie with a modern twist, serving dishes like herring and Dutch steak.

Toscanini: For Italian food lovers, Toscanini serves authentic pasta and seafood dishes in a cozy setting.

Moeders (Mothers): Known for its traditional Dutch cuisine, Moeders is a must-visit for those wanting to try local dishes like stamppot or hachee.

Daalder: Located in the heart of Jordaan, this Michelin-star restaurant offers an innovative menu that changes daily.

Pancakes Amsterdam Westermarkt: A family-friendly spot to enjoy fluffy Dutch pancakes with various toppings.

Balthazar’s Keuken: This popular eatery serves a weekly changing three-course menu featuring locally sourced ingredients.

La Oliva Pintxos y Vinos: Offers a taste of Northern Spain with its wide range of pintxos (small snacks) and wines.

Winkel 43: Famous for its apple pie, this café is a perfect dessert or afternoon tea stop.

Each restaurant offers unique flavors and experiences to enhance your visit to Jordaan Amsterdam. So get ready to indulge your taste buds!

Comfortable and Luxurious Stays at Hotels

Looking for a comfortable and luxurious stay in Jordaan Amsterdam? You’re in luck! This district is home to some of the finest hotels that blend comfort, luxury, and the unique charm of Amsterdam

Pulitzer Amsterdam: Nestled among the beautiful canals, this hotel offers luxury suites with stunning views. The interior design beautifully combines traditional and modern elements.

The Toren: Known for its elegant décor and warm hospitality, The Toren offers a cozy stay in the heart of Jordaan.

Hotel Estherea: A family-run hotel with plush rooms and a quiet library, perfect for relaxation.

Morgan & Mees: This boutique hotel offers chic rooms with modern amenities. Its on-site restaurant serves delicious meals.

Hotel JL No76: A stylish hotel featuring art-filled rooms and a tranquil garden where guests can unwind.

Canal House: This 17th-century mansion-turned-hotel offers spacious rooms overlooking beautiful gardens or canals.

Ambassade Hotel: Located within 10 historic canal houses, this hotel is filled with antique furniture and artwork from the famous CoBrA movement.

The Dylan Amsterdam: Offering individually designed rooms, this luxury boutique hotel guarantees an exclusive stay experience.

These Jordaan hotels in Amsterdam offer more than just a place to sleep – they provide an immersive experience of Dutch culture and hospitality. So why wait? Book your dream accommodation now!

Shopping in the Vibrant Streets of  Jordaan

The shops of Jordaan Amsterdam are a delightful mix of trendy boutiques, vintage stores, and local markets. Here’s what you can expect from shopping in the vibrant streets of Jordaan:

The Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes): This is a must-visit for any shopaholic! It’s home to various unique boutiques where you can find everything from fashion and accessories to homeware and gifts.

Noordermarkt: Open on Saturdays, this market offers antiques, vintage clothes, and delicious organic food. It’s perfect for those looking for one-of-a-kind items.

Lindengracht Market: Held every Saturday, this market offers over 200 stalls selling clothes, food, flowers, and more.

Laura Dols: This vintage shop specializes in clothing from the 50s and 60s. It’s a treasure trove for vintage lovers!

De Weldaad: A charming store with antique furniture, lighting, tiles, and other home decor items.

Record Palace: For music enthusiasts, this is one of the oldest record shops in Amsterdam, with an extensive collection of vinyl records.

Jordaan’s Art Galleries: If you’re into art, explore the numerous galleries showcasing works by local and international artists.

Shopping in Jordaan discovers new tastes, styles, and cultures. 

The Nightlife in Jordaan 

When the sun sets, Jordaan Amsterdam becomes a vibrant nightlife hub. The Jordaan nightlife is full of energy and excitement, from cozy pubs to lively clubs. 

Paradiso: This converted church is now one of the most popular clubs in Jordaan. They host concerts, club nights, and cultural events.

De Twee Zwaantjes: Known for its live music and karaoke nights, this bar offers a fun-filled experience.

The Waterhole: If you love live music, this is the place to be! They host different genres every night, from rock and blues to reggae and pop.

Bourbon Street: Head to this club with live music until the early hours for late-night entertainment.

Melkweg: One of Amsterdam’s premier cultural venues offering concerts, club nights, films, and art exhibitions.

Remember that Jordaan nightlife isn’t just about partying – it’s about experiencing the local culture, meeting new people, and creating unforgettable memories! Get ready to dance the night away in Jordaan Amsterdam!

The Quaint Cafes Of The Jordaan District

The cafes of Jordaan Amsterdam are the beating heart of the district. They’re not just places to grab a coffee but social hubs where locals and tourists chat, relax, and watch the world go by. Here are some of the most charming cafes in Jordaan:

Winkel 43: Famous for its delicious apple pie, this cozy cafe is perfect for breakfast or an afternoon tea break.

Cafe ‘t Smalle: This historic pub dates back to 1786 and offers a range of Dutch beers and spirits.

De Koffieschenkerij: Located in one of the oldest buildings in Amsterdam, this cafe serves artisanal coffee and homemade pastries.

Two For Joy Coffee Roasters: If you’re a coffee connoisseur, take advantage of this place! They serve high-quality coffee sourced from around the world.

Cafe Papeneiland: With beautiful canal views, this traditional Dutch brown cafe is a great spot for lunch or a leisurely drink.

Screaming Beans: A trendy spot known for its excellent espresso drinks and tasty food menu.

The Pancake Bakery: Offering an enormous selection of pancakes, it’s a must-visit for families!

Each cafe has its own unique atmosphere and charm that reflects the vibrant spirit of Jordaan Amsterdam. So take a break from sightseeing and enjoy a cuppa at these quaint cafes!


We hope you’re excited to explore this charming district as we end our Travel Guide for Jordaan Amsterdam. With its rich history, architectural marvels, vibrant shops, delightful eateries, and bustling nightlife, Jordaan is truly a gem in the heart of Amsterdam. Whether you’re a history buff, foodie, shopaholic, or simply looking for a picturesque getaway, Jordaan has something for everyone. So pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable journey through the enchanting streets of Jordaan Amsterdam. It’s time to create your own Amsterdam story!

What is Jordaan Amsterdam?

Jordaan is a district in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Known for its beautiful houses, narrow canals, trendy shops, and cafes, it’s one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods.

What Are the Most Popular Attractions in Jordaan Amsterdam?

Some top attractions in Jordaan include the Anne Frank House, the Westerkerk church with its iconic tower, and the lively Noordermarkt, which hosts a farmer’s market on Saturdays. The area also has boutique shops, art studios, and cozy cafes.

How Can I Get to Jordaan From Central Amsterdam?

Jordaan is easily accessible from central Amsterdam by foot, bike, or public transport. It’s just a short walk west from Dam Square, or you can take tram lines 13 or 17.

Where Can I Find Good Food in Jordaan?

Jordaan has plenty of excellent dining options, ranging from traditional Dutch pubs to high-end restaurants. Some popular spots include Winkel 43, known for its apple pie, La Oliva for Basque cuisine, and Daalder for gourmet dining.

Are There Any Hotels in Jordaan Amsterdam?

Yes, many hotels in and around the Jordaan district cater to different budgets and preferences. Some options include Pulitzer Amsterdam, which offers luxury accommodation in restored canal houses, and Hotel van Onna, which provides budget-friendly rooms with canal views.

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