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Uluwatu Beaches - Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach: A Paradise for Surfers and Sunbathers

Welcome to Suluban Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Bali, tucked away in the enchanting region of Uluwatu. This hidden gem, surrounded by majestic cliffs and turquoise waters, is a paradise for surfers and sunbathers. From its magnificent waves that beckon surfers from around the globe to its sun-kissed sands that invite sunbathers for a serene retreat, Suluban Beach encapsulates the essence of Bali’s natural beauty. 

What sets this beach apart from other beaches in Uluwatu is its unique charm – a combination of captivating scenery and an ambient vibe that leaves every visitor spellbound. 

The thrill of exploring new places awaits you at Suluban Beach – an untold story of adventure and relaxation waiting to unfold through your experiences. Let’s dive into this journey together!

Getting to Suluban Beach

If you’re starting from Bali’s bustling hub, Seminyak, it’s approximately a 1-hour drive south. 

From the cultural heartland of Ubud, it’s about a 2-hour journey. 

The roads are well-marked, and the drive offers scenic views that are quintessentially Balinese.

If you prefer public transportation, the Kura-Kura Bus operates daily from major tourist areas like Kuta and Seminyak. However, note that you’ll need to alight at the Uluwatu Temple bus stop and take a taxi or local motorcycle taxi (ojek) for the remaining 10-minute journey to Suluban Beach.

For those who enjoy more freedom and flexibility, renting a scooter is popular among tourists. It allows you to explore at your own pace and discover hidden gems. Just remember to wear your helmet and drive safely!

When to Visit Suluban Beach

When to Visit Suluban Beach

The best time to visit Bali, particularly Suluban Beach, is during the dry season, which runs from April to October. During these months, you’ll enjoy sunny days and minimal rainfall, perfect for indulging in beach activities or just soaking up the sun. However, if you’re a surfer seeking the most giant waves, July and August are your prime months.

Suluban Beach is open 24 hours a day, allowing visitors to choose their preferred time of visit. Early morning visits offer a serene environment with fewer crowds. At the same time, sunset brings a magical atmosphere as the sky is painted in orange and pink hues.

However, note that high tide can limit access to certain parts of the beach due to its unique location at the base of steep cliffs. It’s recommended to check local tide charts before planning your trip. This ensures you can fully experience the beauty this enchanting corner of Bali Island offers.

Surfing at Suluban Beach 

Surfing at Suluban Beach

Regarding surfing, Uluwatu is a name that resonates with surfers worldwide, and Suluban Beach is at the heart of this reputation. The beach offers some of the most famous surfing waves in Bali, making it a must-visit for any wave rider.

The surf break here is renowned for its powerful swells, reaching 12 feet high. These towering waves break over a shallow coral reef, providing thrilling rides for experienced surfers. The left-hand break produces long, fast, challenging, and exhilarating barrels.

However, due to the strength of its waves and sharp reefs, Suluban Beach is not recommended for beginners. It’s a playground best suited for seasoned surfers who are comfortable navigating their way through intense waves.

So if you’re seeking an adrenaline rush and ready to ride the ‘Uluwatu Express’, as locals call it, then Suluban Beach awaits you with its epic surf!

Activities at Suluban Beach

Activities at Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach is not just about surfing. It’s a haven for various exciting activities. For those who prefer a more laid-back experience, sunbathing is an ideal choice. The beach offers plenty of secluded spots where you can lay down your towel, apply some sunscreen, and soak up the Balinese sun while listening to the soothing rhythm of the waves.

If you’re in for an adventure, Suluban Beach has something unique: exploring hidden caves. These natural formations are carved into the beach’s cliffs, providing an intriguing playground for curious explorers. Walking through these labyrinthine passages will lead you to secret spots offering breathtaking ocean views.

For thrill-seekers, cliff jumping is another activity that adds to the allure of Suluban Beach. There are several safe spots along the cliffs to leap into the crystal clear waters below. However, ensure safety by checking water depths and tide conditions before jumping.

With such diverse activities, Suluban Beach caters to every type of beach lover!

Yoga and Wellness Centers 

Bali is often referred to as the wellness capital of the world, and for good reason. The island is dotted with numerous health and wellness retreats offering a holistic approach to well-being. Close to Suluban Beach, you’ll find several places to immerse yourself in tranquility and rejuvenation.

Uluwatu Surf Villas

One of the most renowned is the Uluwatu Surf Villas, which hosts regular yoga retreats in their stunning ocean-view yoga shala. Here, you can participate in daily yoga classes while enjoying panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.


Another notable place is The Istana, a luxury private villa that offers wellness retreats focusing on yoga, meditation, and detoxification. Their programs are designed to cleanse your body and mind, helping you achieve inner peace and balance.

The Bali Wellness Retreat might be your perfect match if you seek a more intensive program. This retreat center offers a range of programs, from detox retreats to stress management workshops.

So, suppose your idea of a perfect holiday includes nourishing your body and soul amidst Bali’s natural beauty. In that case, these health and wellness retreats near Suluban Beach are worth exploring. Remember, it’s about discovering new aspects of yourself!


Accommodations near Suluban Beach cater to various budgets and preferences, ranging from luxury resorts to budget-friendly homestays.

Hotels In Bali - Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort

For those seeking luxury, the Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort offers stunning cliffside accommodations with panoramic ocean views. The resort features spacious suites and villas, an infinity pool, a world-class spa, and several dining options.

Hotels in Bali - Uluwatu Cottages Vilas

Mid-range accommodations include the Uluwatu Cottages, which offer comfortable rooms with balconies overlooking the ocean. The property also has a pool and an onsite restaurant serving delicious local cuisine.

Hotels in Bali - Ayodhya Uluwatu

Budget travelers will find a wealth of affordable homestays in the area. One popular choice is the Ayodhya Uluwatu, known for its friendly staff and clean, comfortable rooms. It’s just a short walk from Suluban Beach, making it an ideal base for beach lovers.

Hotels in Bali - Le Cliff Bali

For those who prefer more unique accommodations, Le Cliff Bali offers capsule-style rooms built into the cliffside with direct views of the surf break. It’s an experience that combines comfort with adventure!

Dining & Cuisine 

Indonesian dishes Nasi Goreng

While enjoying the beauty of Suluban Beach, take advantage of the opportunity to explore Bali’s vibrant culinary scene. The local cuisine is a delightful mix of flavors, with dishes like Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Satay Lilit (minced seafood satay), and Bebek Betutu (slow-cooked duck) topping the must-try list.

Jimbaran Bay Bali

For those who enjoy seafood, Jimbaran Bay is just a short drive away and is famous for its beachside seafood restaurants. Here, you can dine on fresh fish, prawns, and squid while watching the sunset over the ocean.

Restaurants In Bali - Single Fin Cafe and Bar

In Uluwatu itself, there are several dining options with scenic views. One such place is Single Fin Bali. Perched atop the cliffs overlooking Suluban Beach’s surf break, it offers a great selection of international and Indonesian dishes. It’s also a popular spot for sundowners.

The Warung at Alila Villas Uluwatu

Another recommendation is The Warung at Alila Villas Uluwatu, which serves authentic Indonesian cuisine in an elegant setting with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean.

Ticket Information & Prices 

Visiting Suluban Beach itself is free of charge. However, there may be fees associated with specific activities or facilities. For example, renting a surfboard typically costs around $10 per day, while hiring a beach umbrella for shade can cost around $5.

Suppose you’re planning to explore the hidden caves or go cliff jumping. In that case, hiring a local guide for safety is recommended. This could cost you around $15-20, depending on the duration and extent of your exploration.

The prices for yoga retreats or wellness programs at nearby centers vary significantly based on your chosen package. It’s best to check their official websites or contact them directly for accurate pricing and bookings.

As for parking, if you’re driving or riding a scooter to Suluban Beach, there’s a small parking fee of about $1. 

Tickets for public transportation like the Kura-Kura Bus can be purchased online on their official website or at designated ticket booths in major tourist areas.

While some costs are inevitable, the priceless experiences and memories you gain from exploring Suluban Beach and its surroundings will prove more than worth it!

Traveler Tips & Etiquette

Suluban Beach - Traveler Tips & Etiquette

While exploring Suluban Beach and the broader region of Uluwatu, respecting local customs and cultural norms is crucial. Balinese culture is deeply rooted in Hinduism, influencing their daily life and traditions. Always dress modestly when visiting temples or sacred sites. Cover your shoulders and knees, and wear a sarong if required.

As for beach etiquette, please remember to keep the beach clean. Dispose of your trash correctly, or carry it until you can dispose it responsibly.

Safety is paramount when swimming or surfing at Suluban Beach. The currents can be strong, and the waves are powerful, so always stay within your comfort zone. If you’re a beginner surfer, consider hiring an instructor or guide for your first few sessions.

Always check the tide conditions before entering the water or exploring caves, as high tide can make certain areas inaccessible or dangerous.

Finally, while Suluban Beach is a paradise for adventure and relaxation, it’s also home to local communities whose livelihoods depend on this beautiful environment. Respect their space and contribute positively to their community during your visit!

Other Nearby Beaches

Suluban Beach is just one of the many stunning beaches that Uluwatu has to offer. If you have time, consider exploring these nearby beaches as well:

Uluwatu Beaches - Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach: Famous for its appearance in the film “Eat, Pray, Love,” this beach offers clear waters, soft sand, and a relaxed vibe.

Uluwatu Beaches - Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach: A surfer’s paradise with consistent waves and a laid-back atmosphere. It’s also home to charming seaside cafes and homestays.

Uluwatu Beaches - Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach: As the name suggests, it’s like a dream come true for beach lovers with its vast stretch of white sand and azure waters.

Uluwatu Beaches - Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach: Known for its panoramic views from the cliff top, it’s an ideal spot for sunbathing and surfing.


In conclusion, Suluban Beach is a must-visit destination for Bali. From its world-class surfing waves to its captivating hidden caves, serene sunbathing spots, and proximity to wellness retreats, it offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation that caters to all travelers.

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer looking for your next big wave, a sun-seeker searching for the perfect tan, or a wanderer yearning for new discoveries, Suluban Beach promises an unforgettable experience. Beyond the beach, the charm of Uluwatu, with its vibrant culinary scene, fascinating culture, and warm hospitality, makes this corner of Bali truly special.

Let Suluban Beach be your next great adventure! And remember – travel is as much about the journey as the destination.

Share your own experiences or ask any questions about traveling to Suluban Beach. Let’s keep this conversation going and continue inspiring each other to explore more of our beautiful world. Safe travels!

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