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The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Exploring Amsterdam: A Day at the Anne Frank House

Welcome to Amsterdam! A city full of exciting attractions and rich history, perfect for your next adventure. One of the must-visit places on your list should be the Anne Frank House. This historical gem is a poignant reminder of a brave girl’s life during World War II.

The Anne Frank House offers an unforgettable journey into Anne’s world. Here, you can step into her secret annex, where she hid and wrote her famous diary. It’s one of the most popular things to do in Amsterdam, attracting visitors from all over the globe.

Spending a day at the Anne Frank House is about experiencing history firsthand. So come along and immerse yourself in this unique Amsterdam experience. Remember, every trip tells a story, and here at Anne Frank House, you’ll discover one that will touch your heart!

The History of the Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House, a historical landmark in Amsterdam, has a powerful story. It’s the house where Anne Frank, a Jewish girl, hid with her family during World War II. She penned her famous diary here, revealing her thoughts and experiences while hiding from the Nazis.

The house was built in 1635 but became world-renowned after “The Diary of a Young Girl” was published post-war. Anne’s father and the only surviving family member, Otto Frank, established the Anne Frank Foundation in 1957. He aimed to save the building from demolition and turn it into a museum.

Since opening to the public on May 3rd, 1960, millions have visited this historical landmark. Today, it stands as a symbol of courage and resilience against oppression. The Anne Frank House is a testament to the human spirit in adversity.

The Journey Through Anne Frank’s Secret Annex

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam Anne Frank's Secret Annex
The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam Anne Frank’s Secret Annex

Embarking on a journey through Anne Frank’s Secret Annex is like stepping into the pages of her diary. This concealed area was hidden behind a movable bookcase where Anne, her family, and four other Jews hid for two years during World War II.

As you quietly walk through the hidden rooms, you can almost feel the fear and hope that once filled these narrow spaces. It’s here where Anne wrote her insightful thoughts in her diary, providing a unique perspective on life under Nazi occupation.

You’ll see Anne’s room with pictures still glued to the wall and original items belonging to those hiding. This secret annex is preserved just as it was during those dark times. The journey through Anne Frank’s Secret Annex is an emotionally charged experience that provides a deeper understanding of this critical historical period.

The Emotional Impact of the Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is an emotional journey into the past. The house where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary while hiding from the Nazis has a profound emotional impact on its visitors.

Walking through the rooms and corridors of this historic hideaway, you can feel the echoes of fear, hope, and resilience. You’ll see firsthand where Anne penned her thoughts about life, dreams, and love amidst the horrors of war.

Experiencing the house leaves you with a deep sense of sorrow for the atrocities of the Holocaust but also admiration for Anne’s courage and spirit. It is a powerful reminder of our need to stand against hatred and injustice.

Visiting this Amsterdam museum is an unforgettable experience that connects you to a significant part of Jewish history. The emotional impact of the Anne Frank House will stay with you long after your visit.

Insights into Life During WWII at the Anne Frank House

Visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam provides deep insights into life during World War II. This historical landmark is a window into the Jewish persecution under Nazi occupation.

As you explore the secret annex, you’ll better understand the harsh realities Anne and others face in hiding. They constantly feared being discovered while dealing with scarce food and limited freedom.

Anne’s diary entries throughout the house offer a personal perspective on these challenging times. Her words reveal her hopes, fears, and dreams amidst the turmoil of war.

The museum also includes an exhibition on the historical context of World War II and the Holocaust. It helps to further comprehend the social climate that led to such atrocities.

Overall, visiting the Anne Frank House is an enlightening experience that offers valuable insights into life during WWII.

Understanding the Legacy of Anne Frank in Amsterdam

The legacy of Anne Frank, the famous diarist and Holocaust victim, is deeply woven into the fabric of Amsterdam. Her story is a powerful symbol of hope and resilience that inspires millions worldwide.

Anne Frank’s house, where she wrote her diary while hiding from the Nazis during World War II, is a poignant reminder of her courage. It is a testament to her enduring spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Her diary, translated into over 70 languages, provides a personal perspective on the horrors of war. It has become one of the world’s most-read books, making Anne an inspirational figure for generations.

Amsterdam honors Anne’s legacy through educational programs and events promoting peace and equality. Her story serves as a constant reminder to stand against hatred and prejudice. The gift of Anne Frank makes Amsterdam not just a city to visit but also a place to learn valuable life lessons.

Practical Information for Visiting the Anne Frank House

Discover essential details for your visit to the Anne Frank House:

Operating Schedule: The Anne Frank House welcomes visitors daily from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Admission Costs:

  • Adults: €16.00
  • Youths (10-17 years): €7.00
  • Kids (0-9 years): €1.00
  • Museumkaart holders: €1.00
  • ICOM Card owners: €1.00
  • EYC card possessors: €7.00
  • I Amsterdam Card: No discount available

Guided Tours: The Anne Frank House does not provide guided tours but offers audio tours in 17 languages.

Here are some valuable tips for a memorable visit to the Anne Frank House:

Advance Booking of Tickets: As tickets for the Anne Frank House are in high demand, booking your tickets online or by phone is advisable.
Early Arrival Recommended: Due to its popularity among tourists, arriving early at the Anne Frank House helps avoid large crowds.
Maintain Respectfulness: Being a site of remembrance, it’s crucial to show respect towards the individuals who lived there and the historical events that occurred.
Take Your Time Exploring: There’s a wealth of information and sights at the Anne Frank House, so ensure you take your time and don’t rush through your tour.

Where To Stay Near Anne Frank House

When planning your visit to the Anne Frank House, consider staying at one of the nearby Anne Frank House hotels. These accommodations offer convenience and comfort, making your Amsterdam adventure more enjoyable.

One of the top choices is The Toren. This charming boutique hotel is just a short walk from the Anne Frank House. Its elegant rooms and excellent service make it a perfect home away from home.

Another great option is the Pulitzer Amsterdam. This luxury hotel features unique rooms with Dutch-inspired decor. It’s in the city’s heart, close to many attractions, including the Anne Frank House.

For budget travelers, consider staying at The Flying Pig Downtown. This lively hostel offers comfortable dorms and private rooms at affordable prices.

Choosing accommodations near Anne Frank House provides easy access to this historical landmark. It keeps you close to Amsterdam’s vibrant city life!

Exploring Nearby Attractions After Your Visit to the Anne Frank House

After you visit the Anne Frank House, many nearby attractions in Amsterdam are waiting for you to explore. This city is full of exciting adventures that can make your trip even more memorable.

One popular choice is taking canal tours in Amsterdam. These tours offer a unique perspective of the city’s beautiful architecture and historic sites, all from the comfort of a boat.

The charming Jordaan neighborhood is just a short walk from the Anne Frank House. Known for its picturesque canals, trendy shops, and cozy cafes, Jordaan is perfect for leisurely strolls and discovering hidden gems.

Remember to try Dutch cuisine while you’re here! From traditional herring to delicious stroopwafels, Amsterdam offers a culinary journey to delight your taste buds.

After visiting the Anne Frank House, these nearby attractions will give you a fuller experience of what Amsterdam has to offer!

Preserving Memories at The Anne Frank House Gift Shop

Remember to stop by the gift shop after you visit the Anne Frank House. It’s a treasure trove of souvenirs that help in preserving memories of your poignant journey through this historical landmark.

The Anne Frank House gift shop offers a variety of items, from books about the Holocaust that provide deeper insights into this dark period in history to diary replicas that allow you to hold a piece of Anne’s world in your hands.

You’ll find beautifully crafted souvenirs like postcards, bookmarks, and posters featuring quotes from Anne’s diary. These items serve as reminders of your visit and help spread Anne’s message of hope and resilience.

Purchasing from the gift shop supports the museum’s educational work. So, take home more than just memories from Amsterdam – bring back a piece of history and contribute towards keeping Anne Frank’s legacy alive!


In conclusion, a day at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is an unforgettable journey through history. This poignant landmark offers valuable insights into Anne’s life and the horrors of World War II. It serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit in times of adversity. After your visit, explore nearby attractions and savor Amsterdam’s vibrant city life. Remember to stop by the gift shop to take a piece of history home. The emotional impact and lessons learned at the Anne Frank House will stay with you long after your visit, making your trip to Amsterdam memorable.

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