Запознайте се със Санторини, Гърция - скъпоценен камък сред най-популярните плажове в Европа. Известен със своите спиращи дъха гледки и кристално чисти води, Санторини е задължителна туристическа дестинация за следващата ви почивка или ваканция. Неповторимата красота на острова, белязана от белосани сгради и ярки сини куполи, обещава незабравимо преживяване. Независимо дали търсите приключения или почивка, Санторини предлага всичко. Възползвайте се от възможността да разгледате един от най-зашеметяващите плажове в Европа. Започнете да планирате пътуването си до този живописен рай още днес!

Cala D'Or

Things To Do In Cala D’Or Beach

Cala d’Or beach, located in Mallorca, is a picturesque getaway spot that will leave you feeling relaxed and inspired! From swimming to exploring the nearby towns, this destination is perfect for an unforgettable holiday. Here are some of the great things you can do while visiting Cala d’Or. 

Relax On the Beach

Cala D’Or Beach in Mallorca is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The stunning location with its white sand, crystal clear turquoise water, and colorful sunsets provide a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

To really get the most out of your time here, take some blankets or chairs and find a nice spot on the beach. Let the sound of the waves soothe you as you recline and let the sun tan your skin. Or explore the many coves dotted around the beach where you can find hidden treasures, such as secluded lagoons, caves, and rock formations. 

If you prefer more active pursuits, there are plenty of activities on offer to keep you busy. From snorkeling tours to kayaking, sailing trips, paddle boarding, and even glass-bottom boat rides – there’s something for everyone.

No matter how you choose to spend your time at Cala D’Or Beach, it’s sure to be an adventure filled with unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever. So take a few moments for yourself, relax, and enjoy all that this stunning beach has to offer.

Go on a Boat Excursion

Visiting Cala D’Or Beach at Mallorca is a truly remarkable experience. A great way to explore this amazing beach and its surroundings is by taking a boat excursion. You will be able to marvel at the stunning cliffs of Cala D’Or Beach, with crystal clear turquoise waters below them, while you take in the breathtaking view from the seafront and gain a unique perspective on the area.

Onboard, your tour guide will provide insight into Mallorca’s history and culture, telling you about the interesting stories and legends surrounding the local geography. While sailing, be sure to keep an eye out for the beautiful Mediterranean wildlife – dolphins, seagulls and turtles are often spotted near Cala D’Or Beach! Sail to other nearby beaches, such as Cala S’Almonia or Cala Gran, and dive into their crystal clear waters to explore the wonderful marine life found there. With so much to see and do, it is no surprise that boat excursions have become one of the most popular activities enjoyed by travelers visiting Cala D’Or Beach.

Making the most of your trip to Mallorca starts with finding the right tour company. Make sure to find one that has experienced tour guides who can show you all the best places, regardless if you want to relax, play in the sand, or snorkel in the depths of the sea. Be sure to also pick a boat with comfortable seating and sufficient shade, so that you can stay safe and get the full benefit of your excursion.

No trip to Cala D’Or Beach would be complete without getting onto a boat. Book yourself an excursion today and let the adventure begin!

Unwind at a Spa or Sauna

Are you looking for a place to unwind and relax? Look no further, because Cala D’Or Beach in Mallorca has the perfect spot for you! Here, you can pamper yourself with a visit to a spa or sauna. Whether you need a moment of quiet rejuvenation or a full day of luxurious treatment—the choice is yours. 

At a spa or sauna in Cala D’Or Beach, you will be greeted by helpful, friendly staff that are dedicated to making your experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Enjoy revitalizing facials and soothing massage treatments. You can also experience intentional body scrub, mud treatments, and aromatherapy. The staff will make sure that your spa or sauna experience is tailored specifically for your needs.

If you decide to go for a sauna, take advantage of its many health benefits. Saunas are not only refreshing and invigorating, but they also promote detoxification, nourish skin, and help improve blood circulation. If you feel like cooling down after a hot sauna session, you can also take a dip in one of the pools or stroll along the beach. 

There is something for everyone at Cala D’Or Beach. Come and find rest and relaxation for your body, mind, and soul. Spend some time in saunas or spas and revive your spirit so you can continue to explore this beautiful island.

Taste Local Cuisine

Visiting Cala D’Or Beach in Mallorca is a great way to have the holiday of a lifetime. One thing that you must do while you’re there is to taste the local cuisine! The area is known for its fresh seafood and delicious local dishes, making it the perfect destination for foodies.

Famous for its paellas, Mallorca is home to a variety of extraordinary culinary experiences. From savory stews to hearty soups made with fresh vegetables and fish – there’s something delectable for everyone! Be sure to try a dish at one of the colorful restaurants clustered around the Cala D’Or beach. Don’t forget to ask the locals for advice – they know the region’s best culinary offerings.

When you make your way down to the beach, your mouth will water for some much needed refreshment. Enjoy sampling the area’s famous sangrias, beers, and wines – all made from local ingredients. Savor each sip and take time to appreciate the unique flavor of the drinks crafted in this exotic location. 

The Cala D’Or beach area also provides visitors with a wide variety of popular bars, cafes and pubs. Sample local snacks such as Spanish Tapas, churros and cheeses; or satisfy your sweet tooth with Mallorca’s renowned coconut and almond pastries.

So next time you’re in Mallorca, be sure to visit the Cala D’Or Beach and indulge in the incredible cuisine. You won’t regret it!


Welcome to Cala D’Or Beach, at Mallorca! This beach is not only full of beautiful sights to see, but also a great place to go shopping. From little souvenir stands by the shoreline to chic boutiques located in the town center, there’s something for everyone here.

Let your shopping adventure start with some original gifts and mementos that capture the essence of Cala D’Or Beach. Little keepsakes and handcrafted jewelry from the souvenir stalls make a unique gift for yourself or someone special. You can also find gorgeous tiles, ceramics, glassware, and other locally-made home decorations. Or if you simply want to get a reminder of your holiday, you might enjoy beach towels, sunhats, sunglasses, flip-flops, and more!

Then, it’s time to head into town and explore the fashionable boutiques. All the latest trends are available here, from trendy fashion pieces to bags and shoes. Whether you’re looking for something casual for everyday use, elegant items for special occasions, or high-end designer items, there’s something perfect for every style at Cala D’Or Beach.

Finally, don’t forget to explore the variety of local shops selling delicious traditional products. Most stores carry Mallorca´s offerings including cheese, honey, wines, and typical island fruits like oranges, lemons, and olives. Relax amidst the fragrant aromas while buying excellent food souvenirs and treats, as well as some wonderful cookbooks or recipe cards to take home.

No matter what type of shopping you’re looking for, Cala D’Or Beach has it all. Come find your perfect item and take home a piece of Mallorcan charm –you’ll be glad you did.

Visit the Nearby Towns

Visiting Cala D’Or Beach in Mallorca means more than just going to the beach! There are a lot of nearby towns that can be explored for a great day trip away from the hustle and bustle of the coastline. Nearby Cala D’Or you’ll find beautiful, small villages located on hillsides with exceptional views of the Mediterranean Sea. From here, you can experience some of the best local cuisine, visit historical sites, buy souvenirs and much more. 

If you’re looking for a unique adventure, why not take a historical walking tour of Costa de los Pinos and discover some of Majorca’s oldest structures? The town is full of quaint cobblestone streets and centuries-old architecture, making it an incredibly interesting stop on your travels.

Another great place to explore near Cala D’Or Beach is Porto Cristo. This area is known for its exquisite seafood restaurants, but there’s also plenty of culture to go around. Be sure to check out the Dragon Caves, one of Majorca’s most impressive natural phenomena. This intricate labyrinth was once inhabited by the infamous dragon from Greek and Roman mythology.

For souvenir collectors, Santanyi is the place to go. There you’ll find beautiful jewelry and handcrafted wares, as well as colorful textiles and traditional pottery. Santanyi also boasts some of the most vibrant and lively markets in Mallorca. Popular items to pick up include candied fruits as well as freshly-made cheese and olives.

No matter which town you choose to explore, you’re sure to find an unforgettable experience near Cala D’Or Beach. So prepare yourself for a day full of discovery, food, sunshine and spectacular scenery.

Experience History

Experience history at Cala D’Or Beach, Mallorca! Whether you’re interested in a stroll through the charming streets of this centuries-old coastal town or in exploring its natural wonders and archeological sites, Cala D’Or Beach is sure to amaze and inspire you. 

Discover Mallorca’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage with a walk along Cala D’Or’s shoreline or a visit to idyllic coves and hidden caves accessible only by boat. Immerse yourself into the history of Mallorca’s many archaeological sites and take the time to observe and admire the ruins of past civilisations like the ancient Phoenicians. 

Cala D’Or also provides an opportunity to observe many interesting species of birds and plants, accessible via some of the guided hiking trails located around the beach. Make sure to bring your camera and snap some pictures of the stunning scenery to take home with you. 

The town has so much to offer that you can easily lose track of time wandering around its narrow alleys and enjoying the breathtaking views of Cala d’Or Beach. So grab your backpack and start your journey through Mallorca. Visit Cala d’Or Beach and experience history firsthand!

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